From Rockers to Righteous: Shawn Michaels’ Baptismal Journey

April 10, 2024

At John the Baptist Blvd, we celebrate the incredible journey of spiritual growth and transformation. This year, we’ve witnessed several notable figures publicly embrace their faith, including the legendary professional wrestler, Shawn Michaels, baptizing his former Rockers team mate, Marty Jannetty. Join us as we explore the stories of those who have found a renewed … Read more

A Night of Worship, Music, and Unity in Jesus Christ

April 9, 2024

Introduction: On April 3, 2024, a remarkable event unfolded at Stegeman Coliseum as thousands of attendees, predominantly students, united for the Unite Georgia conference hosted by the organization Unite US. This free event aimed to address the pressing issues faced by Gen Z and celebrate the transformative power of faith through worship and music. The … Read more

The Impact of “The Blind” Movie on Young People’s Faith

April 1, 2024

If anything brings me to tears, this is it. I’ve baptized a lot of people in the name of Jesus. But in 50 years, the one thing I’ve never seen is young people getting baptized right after seeing a movie. Lord Jesus, let this break out nationwide when people watch “The Blind” this weekend. This … Read more

Introducing John the Baptist Blvd: A Grassroots Mission to Transform Our Communities

February 2, 2024

We are excited to announce the re-launch of John the Baptist Blvd, a grassroots initiative aimed at inspiring cities across the nation to honor the legacy of John the Baptist by naming a street or boulevard after this remarkable figure from biblical history. We believe that by embracing the spirit of John the Baptist, our … Read more

🌟🕊️ Follow the Path of John the Baptist Blvd to Embrace Jesus and Baptism in 2023 🌟🕊️

December 26, 2023

As we journey along John the Baptist Blvd, we invite you to embark on a spiritual journey of your own. In the spirit of John the Baptist, whose life’s mission was to prepare the way for Jesus Christ, we extend a humble invitation to you: consider following Jesus and be baptized by the end of … Read more

Hulk Hogan, at 70, Embraces Baptism and Finds Spiritual Peace: ‘Greatest Day of My Life'”

December 21, 2023

Former WWE star Hulk Hogan has revealed he got baptised, describing it as the “greatest day of my life”. The retired professional US wrestler, 70, announced the news by posting a video on Instagram of him being dunked into a small tank of water at the Indian Rocks Baptist Church in Florida.

South Carolina Megachurch Witnesses 141 Baptisms and Inspires Many to Follow Jesus

December 11, 2023

Upstate Church, also known as First Baptist Simpsonville, a six-campus congregation with nearly 7,000 members, usually sees 30 to 40 people participating in their monthly baptism ceremonies. However, last Sunday was an extraordinary day as 141 individuals chose to be baptized, with many more deciding to follow Christ. The ministry humbly shared their astonishment on … Read more

“The Spiritual Significance of North Florida: Reflections on the St. Marys and St. Johns Rivers”

November 22, 2023

Dear Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ, I am humbled and blessed to share with you a message that I believe has been revealed to me through prayer and contemplation. As I, a faithful follower of Jesus Christ, I want to shed light on the significance of North Florida as a region chosen by God, … Read more

It had always been a dream of mine to get in the water that Jesus was baptized in by my hero John the Baptist,” said Bear Grylls.

October 16, 2023

It had always been a dream of mine to get in the water that Jesus was baptised in by my hero John the Baptist. The story is so amazing, & it seems wherever Jesus went, that new birth, new life, a new vision followed. Luke (in the bible) was probably a Syrian doctor before he … Read more

Kat Von D Baptized, She now follows Jesus

October 4, 2023

World-renowned makeup and tattoo artist Kat Von D has shared with the world that she has given her life to Jesus Christ. The 41-year-old shared a video to Instagram of her getting baptized, publicly declaring she was putting her faith in the Lord. “Katherine von Drachenberg, upon your profession of the Lord Jesus Christ, and … Read more