This may be the largest baptism in American history, maybe world history

September 28, 2023

Over 4,500 people were baptized on a Southern California beach during an outreach event overseen by Pastor Greg Laurie and Harvest Christian Fellowship in what the evangelist believes could be one of the largest mass baptisms ever.  Known as the Jesus Revolution Pirate’s Cove Beach Baptism, the event took place at Pirate’s Cove Beach Saturday and … Read more

Former Buffalo Bills Quarterback Baptized

September 28, 2023

Jim Kelly, a former quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, officially became a Christian with his recent baptism wherein he wore a shirt proclaiming “God is Real.” Kelly, who played 11 seasons with the Buffalo Bills between 1986 and 1996, shared a video of the Baptism on his wife’s Instagram in which he replied “Yes I … Read more

Supports Grows For Controversial Cross-Shaped Pier In Ocean Grove

April 21, 2023

Ocean Grove, N.J. – A cross-shaped pier has been unveiled as a fitting replacement for the one destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in Ocean Grove, New Jersey. This new pier, which has been recognized by John D. Arwood, CEO of Arwood Site Services, is a beautiful and symbolic addition to the community. The new cross-shaped pier … Read more

Encouraging Mayors to Adopt John the Baptist Blvd. in Their Cities

April 3, 2023

John Arwood, the founder of the John the Baptist Blvd. movement, is calling on mayors across the country to adopt this unique and meaningful street name in their cities. John the Baptist is known for his role as a prophet and for baptizing Jesus in the Jordan River. By naming a street after John the … Read more

Ask for a John the Baptist Blvd in Antioch, California

December 29, 2022

Public Works Department The Street Maintenance crews are responsible for general maintenance and repair of City streets and signs; including hazardous conditions, potholes, right-of-ways and city owned parking lots. Crews remove illegally dumped trash and debris; respond to emergencies such as vehicle accidents and flooding; eradicate weeds along city maintained roadways; respond to after hour … Read more

Ask your Mayor for a John the Baptist Blvd. in Anchorage, Alaska

December 28, 2022

Mayor Dave ​​Bronson Anchorage, Alaska is home to Dave Bronson after a two year corporate commitment that turned into a love for Alaska lasting 31​ years and counting! Born June 26, 1958 in Superior, Wisconsin, Dave earned his Bachelor of Science Degre​e in Agricultural Economics from the University of Wisconsin. After graduation, he was an Active Duty Air … Read more

Ask your Mayor Ashleigh Aitken to Approve a John the Baptist Blvd. in Anaheim, CA

December 23, 2022

Ashleigh Aitken was elected as the 48th mayor of Anaheim in November 2022. She is the first woman mayor in Anaheim’s 165-year history. Mayor Aitken represents all Anaheim residents, neighborhoods and businesses on the City Council. As mayor, Aitken is focused on increased transparency at City Hall, enhancing public safety, expanding affordable housing and growing … Read more

Request a John the Baptist Blvd in Amarillo Texas

December 7, 2022

Questions, comments, compliments, suggestions? If you are unable to find what you are looking for on, please complete the online form below or contact us at: City Hall601 S. BuchananP.O. Box 1971,Amarillo, Texas 79105(806) 378-3000 AmarilloCity in TexasAmarillo is a city in the Texas Panhandle. It’s a gateway to the vast, trail-lined Palo Duro … Read more

Ask your Mayor for a John the Baptist Blvd in Allentown PA

December 7, 2022

City in Pennsylvania Allentown is a city in eastern Pennsylvania. The Liberty Bell Museum houses a full-size replica of the iconic bell, plus a mural about its history. Nearby, the Allentown Art Museum’s collections include Renaissance and modern American works. On the Lehigh River, the America On Wheels Museum showcases vintage vehicles. East of the … Read more

Request a John the Baptist Blvd in Allen Texas

December 5, 2022

Proclamations, special recognitions and letters issued by the Office of the Mayor provide an opportunity for Mayor Fulk to recognize exceptional events and people within the City of Allen. They are issued for civic celebrations, organizations and individuals celebrating significant events or contributions to society. Letter: A letter of greeting / congratulations for souvenir booklets, … Read more