Demand Recognition for Positive Figures in History

Across the country we recognize important, famous and influential individuals who have shaped our society. We have renamed streets and highways to recognize their contributions to our communities and country. There are streets named for Mark Hamill, Rihanna, Bob Hope, Beyonce, Betty White and Hugh Hefner. Why do we limit this recognition to secular figures and celebrities?

It is time for John the Baptist to join the ranks of Martin Luther King Jr, George Washington and Abraham Lincoln by having prominent streets renamed in his honor. Join us in petitioning our representatives and civic leaders and requesting streets be renamed for John the Baptist.

Recognize Values

Centuries ago, we understood the value of faith to our society and citizens. Religious freedom was a promise made by our founding fathers. It is time to demand a return to this value.

Honor a Martyr

John the Baptist publicly criticized the moral failings of a King. He spoke truth to power. Despite the danger, he maintained his values and stood as an honorable man no matter the cost.

Remember the Message

John the Baptist called for people to recognize their wrongdoing and express remorse for their failings. This message speaks to us as a nation even today and is a reminder of the work ahead of us.

Why John the Baptist?

John the Baptist is a significant individual to Christians of all denominations. His message was for all to hear, regardless of wealth or status. John the Baptist spoke of better things to come. He called for all mankind to reflect on their wrongdoings and shortcomings and strive to do better and be better.

A Martyr for Speaking Truth

Even in his final days, John the Baptist stood by his moral principles and spoke truth to power. He died a martyr for his cause at the hands of a corrupt leader. John the Baptist gave his life for what he knew in his heart to be true and moral, no matter what the cost.

A History to be Proud Of

Right now, communities across the country are struggling with the morality of our nation's history and the way that manifests in our culture today. John the Baptist is a symbolic figure for washing away sins and repenting. He also calls us, even today, to do better in our daily lives.

Many cities are already revisiting the names of schools, streets and other prominent sites that feature names associated with racism and oppression. We believe John the Baptist Boulevard should be considered as an option during these renaming discussions.

From J. Turner Butler to John The Baptist Boulevard

We live in a world where kindness and morality have taken a backseat to profit and politics. John the Baptist Boulevard started as a movement in Jacksonville, Florida in hopes of inspiring citizens and neighbors to do better, be better and choose to live a life driven by by Christian ideals.

Beach Boulevard was originally selected because it is a heavily traveled road that leads to water and is not already named in honor of a person or place of historical significance. As the movement has progressed, a decision was made to instead rename a parallel road that already has the initials, JTB. Join us in asking the City of Jacksonville, Florida to rename J. Turner Butler expressway to John The Baptist Boulevard.

Bring John the Baptist Blvd to YOUR City

Join the movement and take action. We've prepared a variety of Community Resources as a starting place for a movement in your city.

1. Choose a Street

Identify a street in your area to rename. We recommend streets near or leading to a body of water.

2. Start a Petition

Create a petition online identifying the street you want to rename and along with your reason why.

3. Contact Local Leaders

Reach out to your local community leaders, such as your Mayor or Town Council. They may be able to help.