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John the Baptist Blvd Jacksonville, FL Petition

Jacksonville, Florida has multiple streets named for prominent historical figures including Martin Luther King Jr, John Turner Butler, General John Forsyth, William P. DuVal and A. Philip Randolph. These are individuals who have helped to shape our city and our county. It is time to recognize John the Baptist among these influential names and we invite you to join us in petitioning the City of Jacksonville to rename Beach Blvd to John the Baptist Blvd.

Join the Movement

Jacksonville, FL is among the many cities revisiting the names of schools, streets and other prominent sites that feature names associated with racism and oppression. We believe John the Baptist Boulevard should be considered as an option during these renaming discussions.

John the Baptist called for people to recognize their wrongdoing and express remorse for their failings. His message was for all to hear, regardless of wealth or status. That message speaks to us as a nation even today and is a reminder of the work ahead of us.

A Return to Values

Communities across the country are struggling with the morality of our nation’s history and the way that manifests in our culture today. John the Baptist is the symbol we need to remind us of our values and the importance of repenting for our failings.

John the Baptist stood by his moral principles and spoke truth to power even in his final days. In the end, he died a martyr for his cause at the hands of a corrupt leader. John the Baptist gave his life for what he knew in his heart to be true and moral, no matter what the cost. His commitment to values reminds us all to speak up and live our lives as honorable men and women no matter what.

A History to be Proud Of

Centuries ago, our founding fathers understood and recognized the value of faith to our society and citizens. The promise for religious freedom was so important, they put it in writing in the First Amendment. Recognizing John the Baptist celebrates their commitment to the freedom of religion in America.

Bring John the Baptist Blvd to Jacksonville, FL

The simple but powerful idea to recognize John the Baptist started as an idea shared between two men. It became a grass roots, community driven movement and is gaining popularity every day. Join the movement and sign the John the Baptist Blvd Petition today.

Not from the Jacksonville, Florida? Start a petition in you community today!

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